Creamy Whipped Soap

Coming soon $9.00

Bathe in delight with our creamy whipped soap! It's loaded with skin-loving ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Use this soap as an all-over body soap or a luxurious shaving soap. Enrich your skin!

(1) 3.50 oz. for $9.00

Scent choices:
~ Apricot Freesia
~ White Gardenias
~ Water Orchid - A clean and soft floral bouquet of water orchid, fresh bergamot, sparkling lemon, sweet orange, pink jasmine, blooming narcissus and soft musk.
~ Lilacs in Bloom
~ Victorian Rose
~ Sweet Pea
~ Rose Garden - blossoms of rose, violet, and gardenia intertwine in this delightful rose garden bouquet.
~ Red Hibiscus & Acai - a blend of hibiscus with notes of currant, acai, plumeria, jasmine and amber
~ Blueberry
~ Indonesian Teakwood
~ Unscented


Some soaps are tinted a color to represent the scent

Due to the vanilla content in some fragrances, the soap may discolor. This is normal and will not affect the performance at all.

Why is my jar not full?
Some of our products are whipped which allows air to incorporate into the product. We fill our jars by weight not volume therefore you will receive the product weight that's listed regardless of jar size.

Ingredients: See 'Ingredients' page

Apply a small scoop of whipped soap onto a nylon poof or washcloth. Lather onto skin. Rinse with warm water. Can also be used directly on the skin as a shaving soap. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.