Bath & Body FAQ's

Why Handmade?
Most commercial soap is not soap. You'll notice the use of terms like "Beauty Bar" or "Deodorant Bar" instead. Real soap is a compound of natural oils and alkali (lye) that creates surfactant; a solution that lifts crud, bonds with it, and allows it to be rinsed away with water. Our lotions and creams are made with high quality ingredients that are simple, from the earth and not chemically made.  Why use anything else?

Why Lye?
Lye soap should never be harsh. If correctly formulated, it will be mildly cleansing. Secondly, lye is in ALL soap. In fact, to be real soap it must be made with lye. So real soap and lye soap are the same thing. Even "Melt & Pour" was created with lye before it left the factory. It's what makes soap....well, soap!

Are all your soaps vegan friendly?
Technically, No. We strive to make sure that everything is sourced from sustainable sources and that are high quality ingredients. We do use milks in our soaps.  We also purchase colorants from vegan friendly sources, so no carmine (bugs) in our bars. Even though we are NOT vegan, we are very particular and well resourced about what we put into our products.

Where do you get your Essential Oils and Fragrances?
We purchase all of our Essential and Fragrance Oils from reputable soap suppliers. We do not purchase from unknown Amazon sellers or craft stores. All Essential Oils are pure and distilled, and all synthetic fragrance oils are skin safe and lye stable.