Handcrafted Novelty Soap

$4.00 - $5.00

Enjoy the beauty of simple ingredients with our handcrafted soaps! Rich and creamy; each bar will delight you with luxury and aromatic fragrances!

Football Soap:
The perfect soap for any football fan! Show your spirit when guests come over to watch the big game with this soap in the guest bathroom! The scent even represents the grassy turf. Net wt. 4 oz.
Scent: Fresh Soil
Price $4.00

Pumpkin Pie Soap:
This fun soap represents a piece of pumpkin pie. Complete with 'pie crust' and 'whipped cream' topping. The 'crust' is made with goats milk soap and ground cloves. The 'whipped' topping is sprinkled with mica to resemble nutmeg. The scent is pumpkin, cinnamon and clove with notes of sweet sugary maple. It smells delicious! All elements of this bar are made of soap except for the cloves. Net. wt. 5 oz.
Scent: Perfect Pumpkin
Price: $5.00 per bar

Beer Soap: SOLD OUT!
Made with real Honey Ale Beer this soap is designed to represent a mug of beer; complete with frothy top and a slice of lime. The scent is the natural ingredients of the soap; no fragrance oil was added. All ingredients are soap including the 'froth' and the 'lime'. Net. wt. 5 oz.
Scent: Honey Ale Beer
Price: $5.00 per bar

Americana Soap:
Blue and red layered soap with a golden star embedded throughout the bar. Net. wt. 5 oz.
Scent: Black Cherry
Price: $5.00 per bar

Don't forget to pick up the perfect soap dish for our soaps! It will help extend the life of your soap! See the Home category for the soap dish!

For ingredients see the Ingredients page.