3 piece set with Body Butter

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All the luxury of handcrafted goodness in a money saving set. Perfect for gift giving!

Set includes:
(1) 3.50 oz. Whipped Body Butter
(1) 3.50 oz. Tinted Embossed Three Butter Soap - rich in Shea, Mango and Cocoa butters - you will receive a random embossed design but you can request a design and tint color in the 'Notes' section on the checkout page.
(1) 7.50 oz. Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Scent choices:
~ Love Spell - A sweet blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. A duplicate of Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
~ Volcano (tinted pink) - a blend of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens
~ Maraschino Cherry (tinted pink)
~ Apple Orchard (tinted light green)
~ Burmese Wood (no tint) - a blend of cedar, patchouli, amber and musk
~ Clean Linens (no tint) - clean and fresh
~ Coastal Mist (tinted light blue) - a blend of fresh lemon zest mingling with sea salt air, cyclamen flowers and sea grass.
~ Ginger Lime (tinted light green)
~ Grapefruit (tinted yellow)
~ Orange Cranberry (tinted light orange)
~ Banana (tinted yellow)
~ Orange Cream Vanilla (tinted peach)
~ Blueberry (tinted light blue)
~ Watermelon (tinted pink)
~ Lemon & Lavender (tinted light yellow)
~ Lilacs in Bloom (tinted lavender)
~ Fresh Cut Roses (tinted pink)
~ Beneath the Stars (no tint) - a blend of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk.
~ Honey Almond (tinted yellow)
~ Indonesian Teakwood (no tint) - blends of falling leaves, fresh citrus, Indonesian teakwood, patchouli and amber
~ Pink Lemonade (tinted pink)
~ Sweet Peony (tinted pink)
~ Vanilla Hazelnut
~ Fresh Peaches (tinted light peach)
~ Mango & Papaya (tinted light orange)
~ Gardenia (no tint)
~ Spearmint & Eucalyptus (tinted mint green)
~ Cucumbers & Melons (tinted mint green)
~ Strawberry (tinted pink)
~ White Tea & Ginger (no tint)
~ Honeysuckle (tinted light yellow)
~ Butt Naked (no tint) - a blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk
~ Lavender & Mint (tinted light purple) - notes of pepper, crushed mint leaves and bergamot with notes of rose, lavender, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.
~ Coconut, Lime, & Verbena (tinted light green)
~ Sweet Pea flowers (tinted pink)
~ Oatmeal, Milk and Honey (tinted orange)
~ Sandalwood Patchouli (no tint)
~ Vanilla Cake (tinted yellow) - vanilla cake with candied lemon zest and blueberries
~ Rosemary & Mint (tinted mint green)
~ Blue Hawaii - (tinted pale blue) - tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, with lightly exotic mountains greens. - SOLD OUT
~ Fruit Loops (tinted orange)
~ Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
~ Unscented


More scents coming soon!

These may also be purchased separately. See product listing.